Hairdressing on Set

Tired of looking at newscasters with shabby looking haircuts or bad personal hygiene? At least we can rest knowing that the UK government is doing all it can to make sure that this is not the case with the media covering the 2012 Olympics in London. According to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the government is doing all it can do to make sure that the media has access to the services it needs. These services include access to free hairdressing services and on-demand massages during the Olympic Games. Journalists will also have their own gym in order to work out in between interviews or work off the stress that goes along with covering such an important topic as the Olympics. The special facilities will be available to journalists in the Olympic park itself in order to make procuring such services incredibly convenient and easy. However, admission to the facilities will be limited and only accredited journalists will be allowed access. In other words, you cannot just show up claiming to be a journalist and get a free haircut. The services at the facilities will only be available to press and broadcast staff who have been carefully screened and approved in advance.In addition, access to the media services building will be controlled by security guards. In order to pass by the security guards, broadcast staff and journalists will need to get their identities verified, obtain background checks, immigration checks, and criminal records checks. According to sources, this will ensure that the facilities will be safe and secure for everyone. I do not know about you, but that seems to be a lot of work to do just to get a free haircut and a massage upon request! In addition to personal care amenities, the facility will also feature two bars, a post office, a dry cleaner, and several restaurants that will be open until 4 am. That means that journalists that have had to work all night covering Olympic news stories do not have to walk around hungry or thirsty in unkempt clothing. There is no word yet on the overall price tag of this facility

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