How to Increase Salon Clientele

Once you have your hairdressing education and license, you can go out and find a job at a salon. Your work doesn’t stop there, though, because once you have a station in a salon you need to go out and bring in clientele. When you are first starting out, the time and effort you put in will have a drastic affect on how well you do. It’s not east to go out and bring in a dozen clients, but you need to start somewhere. Here are a few tips to gaining a new salon clientele:

  • Don’t give up. You aren’t going to have a large clientele list the first week after you join a salon, usually, but don’t let that stop you from continuing to find more people. Start out with a goal of one or two people each week and grow your list from there. When you’re new, you are going to have to work twice as hard to get clients to trust you – but once you do, it gets easier.


  • Give away loyalty cards or discounts to new clients to try to encourage them to come back. While you don’t want to work for free, a few free inexpensive haircuts will build loyalty between you and the client, and if they like the work, chances are they will tell friends.


  • Get creative with your advertising. Use social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, to get your contact information and pricing out there. Sign up with these sites if you do not have them already, and make a profile page for your business – include links to your salon, photos of your work, price list and anything else you think might interest your client target market. If you act like an expert, people will be more willing to trust you for that first cut or color.


  • Offer coupons or exclusive savings to those who refer you to new clients. Every person that sits in your chair has a handful of girlfriends or family that could potentially be your client, so entice and reward them to bring you more business.


There are various ways to advertise and market your hairdressing business, whether you work for a salon or do freelance work. Put the time and effort into your advertising, and it will pay off in a short amount of time.

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