Celebrity Hair at Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to dress like your favorite celebrity. It's fun to spend an evening dressed as some of the most offbeat celebs out there. Usually, crazy celebrity hairstyles are what leads the pack in costume choices. This year, Nicki Minaj has been selected more often than any other famous face. Her crazy hairstyle add a fun factor to her look. Internet searches for Nicki have exceeded any other celebrity for the Halloween season. Her glamorous, over the top outfits and unique hair appear as though she's wearing a costume every time she appears in public. In the past few years, Kate Gosselin's hair style was a favourite for costumes. Her distinct A-symmetrical bob was often referred to as a 'reverse mullet' and other unflattering terms. Never the less, people bought the wigs in droves and had a great time being Kate for a day. Lady Gaga often sports fun costumes and hairstyles. People of all ages will likely dress up like an egg or a cluster of bubbles in honor of this famous singer. Her crazy, offbeat style is great fun to imitate. The singer, Pink, wore her hair to match her name for quite a while. She eventually abandoned the look but she still maintains and edgy appearance that suits her rocker lifestyle. Celebrities have the advantage of oodles of money to spend with a stylist or on wigs. They can have fun with their hair without worrying how they will look at the office on Monday. Often, their hair is a signature look and will set them apart from the average person. We shouldn't try to copy their looks unless it's for a temporary occasion like Halloween or a costume party. It's simply not realistic that you can pull off a bleached white puff of hair, teased to be twice the size of your head, with a pink stripe painted into it. Embrace your inner celebrity when you get the chance. Enjoy the attention you will receive when you show up at a party with a crazy wig on your head. Have fun with it but be sure to return to yourself before you attend your child's parent-teacher meeting

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