Hairdressing Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you’re working at a hair salon in Melbourne or have recently finished cosmetology school in Queensland; if you plan on being a successful cosmetologist there are some essential hairdressing supplies you absolutely must have on hand.

The hairdressing supplies you’ll need can be divided into two categories.  Let’s take a closer look at both.

Hairdressing Supplies – Products

Shampoo – there are several types of shampoos you can buy.  It is good to have at least a few different options to choose from based on your clients needs.  Traditionally a clarifying shampoo, neutralizing shampoo, and a basic conditioning shampoo will do to start.  Remember, your shampoo is an important hairdressing supply, so purchase something of high quality, preferably something they can’t pick up at the supermarket.

Conditioner – like shampoo, this is another staple in the arsenal of hairdressing supplies to have on hand.  More than likely even if you are using a conditioning shampoo, you will still end up putting conditioner on just about every head of hair you do.  Again, this critical product may be standard but the quality makes a difference to what the finished product ends up looking like.

Color – although not every client will want to have their hair colored, you should be prepared for those that do.  That’s why color has to be included in the list of necessary hairdressing supplies one needs.  (Don’t forget the foil also)

Chemical Perms – there are perms that chemically straighten, these are normally used by those with kinkier hair; but there are also perms to add curl to the hair, this is for those whose hair is naturally straight.  Depending on your clientele, you will need to be in stock on one or both of these different types of perms. 

Hairdressing Supplies – Tools

Blow Dryer & Curling Irons – As a cosmetologist, it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with real hair or weave, you will end up curling most of your clients’ hair. So have them in a variety of sizes and make sure they get hot!  The blow dryer is also a very important supplier of heat to the head, for this reason it sits right next to curling irons as key tools on the list of hairdressing supplies.

Combs & Brushes – this is an obvious addition to the list of basic hairdressing supplies.  These two essential items support every other item on this list (as needed). 

Weave – in the world we live in, a weave is as common as hair coloring on the head.  So if you plan to really make it in today’s hair care world, you have got to know how to do a weave.  If you are going to do weave you will also need the hairdressing supplies that support this specialty area of hair care; this means you’ll also need hair glue as well as needle and thread for bonding. 

 As a professional, you should have the proper hairdressing supplies for all of your clients – this list is an excellent place to start!

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