Hairdressing Games

You don’t have to be a professional cosmetologist to enjoy playing with hair.  Thankfully the World Wide Web has brought in the option of playing hairdressing games for fun.  Not only can children try out different digital hairstyles and colors with these fun games, adults can join in on the fun as well.  For a teenage, playing virtual hairdressing games can be an excellent way to determine whether or not this is the best career choice for them.  

Don’t be fooled by the animation, there is a lot to be learned from playing hairdressing games online.  I have seen games which simulate the way in which a real hairstylist would have to deal with her clients. The stylist has to not only service her customers, but she must do it according to their arrival, all done trying to keep everyone happy.  One other game allows the user to try and take a portrait of exactly what the client wants done to their hair; the hairdresser must then attempt to re-create the look.  At the end of the game the users gets to see how close they came to giving the customer 100% what they wanted.  Now if these aren’t real life experiences that anyone in the hairdressing profession would face, I don’t know what is. 

If you are looking to check out a few cool sites where hairdressing games abound, you might want to check these out: – I love this site because it has a ton of different hairdressing games to choose from.  With games like “cutie hairstyling”, “funny hairdressing”, and “Barber Girl” you shouldn’t have a problem finding a game that you will have fun playing. – while this site doesn’t have a whole lot of hairdressing games to play, there is one that I found to be interesting.  The game is called “Perfect Hairstyle Designer” and as far as games go, it does a good job of giving you a good idea of just how hard it is to give your clients exactly what they want. – there are quite a few hairdressing games on this site as well.  I played a game called “Hairstyle Wonders” and I liked it.  There are other games on this site as well.  The hairdressing games on this site do a good job of entertaining while attempting to slide in bits of education as well.  Anytime you can sneak some education into a child’s playtime, that’s a good thing!

These are only three sites which have some quality hairdressing games.  By doing a simple internet search I’m sure you could come up with many more.  What’s even better is that many of the games you find are free to play; so what is there to lose?  The door has been opened; it’s time for you to walk through. 

 If you love being online and enjoy the field of cosmetology, you will love playing online hairdressing games.  There are definitely many to choose from.  Take your time, and discover which hairdressing game will end up becoming your favourite.

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