Hairdressing Equipment

Maybe you are thinking about a career as a hairdresser.  Or possibly you have just finished school and are ready to begin your first job as a licensed cosmetologist.  Whatever the case, if you are interested in doing hair for a living, there are some basic pieces of equipment you’ll need to have.  If a writer needs pens and paper, painters need canvasses and brushes, then a hairdresser needs their essential hairdressing equipment in the much the same way.

Even if you do start off working at a salon where the clientele is supplied, you may be expected to show up with your own hairdressing equipment.  And even if a shop supplies you with their hairdressing equipment, it may be something you are not familiar with or just don’t want to use.  So it doesn’t matter if you need to supply your own, or just don’t like what’s being offered to you at your salon, here is a list of basic hairdressing equipment that you’ll need in order to start doing coiffures.

Hairdressing Equipment Must Haves:

  1. Cutting Shears – any hairdresser will need to do cuts and trims on a regular basis.  Starting off with two pair of shears is good.  Have one pair to do basic cutting and another, smaller, pair for cutting things like bangs and you will be fine.  (note:  barbers will need automatic trimmers too)
  2. Combs – this is a basic tool but still worth pointing out.  You will need several sizes of combs from fine tooth to wide tooth.  Since you will be dealing with a plethora of hair types and lengths, having basic hairdressing equipment means having multiple varieties of combs on hand.
  3. Professional Hairdryer – another staple on the list of basic hairdressing equipment:  a good hairdryer.  This is often the thing that separates the real professionals from the amateurs.  The reason a good blow dryer is a critical piece of hairdressing equipment is because it has the potential to make your life so much easier as you prepare the hair to be styled.
  4. Curling Irons – no cosmetologist can get by without having a set of curling irons.  This piece of hairdressing equipment may be the most critical. Having an array of sizes of professional grade curlers is another ‘must have’ in the world of professional hair care.
  5. Hair Rollers – because some styles will not require direct heat from a curling iron, you will also need different sized rollers.  A client may want their hair to be set with rollers before sitting under the dryer for finishing.  Not only are the rollers a piece of necessary hairdressing equipment, but you will also need holding pins to secure the rollers.

As long as you have all these basic hairdressing equipment items you will be well on your way to getting a good start on the road to launching your cosmetology career.  As your business grows you can add or upgrade certain items.  The hairdressing industry is constantly changing, this means that your list of hairdressing equipment will likely change as well.

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