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The world is filled with people starting hairdressing apprenticeships as they try to make their mark in the world of hair care.  And it doesn’t matter if you live in Australia, Asia, or America – if you plan to be a professional hairdresser, you’ll need to be trained.  The good thing about this career choice for those living in Australia: there is a major shortage of qualified cosmetologists.  That translates to financial stability; more importantly, that means job security.

If you have chosen hair care as the industry you would like to work in, you will need to figure out which hairdressing courses to choose.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to becoming a being a professional hairdresser.  People will come to you for haircuts; they will trust you to change the color of their hair; and they’ll place health of their hair in your hands.  In order to have longevity it would be wise to take hairdressing courses, seek out hairdressing apprenticeships, or even better - do both.

Hairdressing Courses

This is the more traditional route for becoming a professional hairdresser.  While you won’t necessarily be making any money while taking hairdressing courses, many say that this is a more efficient route to gaining your cosmetology license.  How long the courses and apprenticeships take really does depend on how aggressive you are with your schedule.  Many of the schools where you will take your hairdressing courses will also help with job placement upon graduation.

Many argue that choosing to get your cosmetology license exposes you to the latest in training techniques.  The golden nugget offered is these schools are able to teach students the latest and greatest about what’s current in the hair industry.  But for all that formal classroom education can provide for the student, there is still one thing it cannot provide:  real world experience.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

In many cases an aspiring hairdresser can choose to forego the traditional educational route in favor of a more hands on approach.  Hairdressing apprenticeships are a great way to learn the trade of cosmetology in a real world environment.  Not only will you be surrounded by professionals who are already doing what you aspire to do, you’ll be getting paid at the same time.

While you may be required to take certain courses to complete your certification, it will be nothing like going to school full time.  Be prepared though, when you decide to go the route of hairdressing apprenticeships it will usually take longer to become licensed.  But this may be a welcomed tradeoff when you consider that you will essentially be getting paid to learn.

Either way you decide to go, having a successful career as a cosmetologist means getting properly training.  Decide to look for qualified hairdressing apprenticeships or find the best hairdressing courses.  Whatever you do, make sure you set yourself up for a successful life creating fabulous coiffures.  The more educated you are, the more qualified you’ll be.  The more qualified you are, the more money you’ll be able to make over the course of your career.

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