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Someone asked me the other day what the best job is? I answered 'oh that's easy hairdressing of course' looking surprised they replied 'how come' I said 'think about it, what other job allows you to be creative just like an artist can be , and make friends who you get paid to chat to every couple of weeks plus you get to hear all of their gossip and opinions and even hear their views on any topic you want to share with them, then there is the fact that most hairdressers can end up working for themselves and start a mobile business or even their own shop.

If they choose to they can become teachers or expand into beauty care , nails and other beauty related jobs. They can even end up in Hollywood working for the stars and really get all the showbiz gossip or work on one of Broadway's hit musicals and learn about costumes and designing'

Of course a good hairdressing skills are always in demand in the fashion industry and they work alongside some of the worlds most famous models all over the world and even have celebrity friends and some of them even work at the top sporting events like the tennis , al those girls get a quick makeover before hitting the courts these days. I once met a hairdresser who had all the top tennis players autographs because she had been doing the Australian Tennis Open for the 3 years and she was good friends with all the men's and woman's tennis stars. Plus they are always so busy because hairdressing is such a fashion inspired job especially when a new style takes off , remember when everyone had a 'David Beckham' style haircut ! they couldn't get enough hairdressers to do keep all the young dudes happy and up with the new style. In the 1990's all the girls wanted the Jennifer Aniston look , although these days it's the Paris Hilton look , but just goes to show there is always a new hairdressing trends to keep those hairdressers busy .

You just look back at history a bit to realize hairdressing has always been an important job in our community fashion sense, all the way in the 1920's there was the bobby style and in the 1950's if you didn’t have an Elvis style haircut you were not up with the hip crowd of the day. Then of course the beatnik cut that had hairdressing really starting to come through as a major force in the fashion world and every thing that was cool. Then the glam bands of the early 1970's had the hairdressing community starting new trends all over again, who could forget David Bowies Pinups album cover and the way every one was going around with 'Bowie Style' It really is amazing the way hairdressing has such an impact on our lives, hairdressers sure do have a lot of skills and learn so much fashion sense , every hairdresser you ever meet like they are ready to go out clubbing or off to a fashion shoot. Hairdressing sure is an art form and the hairdresser is the artist, and the untamed hair is the canvas on offer.

Yes one of the best jobs going around would have to be hairdressing and all of the variety that comes with it , it sure does offer opportunities for the person who really wants to excel at their craft and even see the world while getting paid for what they love to do , yes hairdressing really is a great job for sure. Actually I think I'll ring my hairdresser for an appointment right now ! I wonder what the best new trend is ?

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